Former Vancouver Police Chief Endorses Chuck Atkins

October 23, 2014

Doug Maas, a former Vancouver Police Chief, has endorsed Chuck Atkins for Clark County Sheriff. Doug started his career at the Clark County Sheriff’s Office and worked his way up through the ranks to a command position. He later served as the chief of police for the Vancouver Police Department. Doug adds his voice to the overwhelming and unprecedented number of first responders and public safety professionals who have endorsed Chuck Atkins. Here is Doug’s letter.

“I have been “out of the game” for some time now having retired from Law Enforcement in 2000. But I remain a resident of Clark County and the Sheriff’s election remains very important to my family and I.
The Office of Sheriff is unique in that it is the only law enforcement position that is elected directly by the people. The elected Sheriff does not work for the County Commissioners, an Administrator or any council. The Sheriff answers directly to the people of the county. Thus, this election should be taken seriously by every resident of Clark County.

I had the privilege of watching candidate Chuck Atkins join the Clark County Sheriff’s Office and work his way through the ranks and various positions. Citizens should give great weight to the candidate with the greatest breadth and depth of experience. This is a complicated job to say the least and we need a Sheriff with substantial proven leadership ability and management experience. Without question Chuck Atkins has the upper hand in this area.

And of equal importance for an elected law enforcement position is the candidate’s connection with the community. Chuck Atkins and his family are long-time residents of Clark County and very involved throughout our community. Atkins is totally vested in keeping Clark County a healthy and safe place to live, raise a family and work.

An elected Sheriff often finds themselves in office for multiple terms of office that can span decades. Garry Lucas, the current Sheriff has been one of the longest standing Sheriff’s in Washington. Therefore take your vote on this position seriously. I can imagine no better qualified and ready individual than Chuck Atkins for our next Clark County Sheriff.”

Doug Maas, Retired

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