How should the Sheriff’s Office respond to sex trafficking?

July 22, 2014

The issue of human trafficking has been in the news lately and it has also been raised in the campaign for county sheriff. Lew Waters, who writes a local blog called Clark County Conservative, was out early on this issue by asking all four candidates how they would address the issue of sex trafficking. Here is my response.

Sex trafficking is a despicable crime and must be dealt with. Anyone can easily go online to various websites to see the large number of ads for prostitution. Our Tactical Detective Unit, in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies in Clark County, have conducted numerous sting operations targeting sex traffickers. These stings also involve social service organizations so the women being trafficked have immediate access to resources.

Let me be clear on my stance on this issue. The people (pimps) who sell women, including underage girls, are committing a horrendous and grave offense against these women and our community. They must face harsh sanctions. Justice deserves it. The men who partake in the sex trafficking industry must understand that this is not a victimless crime. They must understand that many of these women are being used as sex slaves for the benefit of their pimps. Their reality is one of violence and drug addiction, all aimed at keeping them in the sex trafficking industry. Customers must also face criminal sanctions.

I believe that Clark County wants a sheriff who isn’t afraid to be tough on crime. Selling a woman into sexual slavery is not something that good, but misguided, people do. It’s a horrendous crime that must be dealt with swiftly and confidently through tough law enforcement. As sheriff, there will be no hesitation on my part when it comes to going after sex traffickers.

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