John Graser Endorses Chuck

August 26, 2014

I want to thank John Graser for endorsing me for Clark County Sheriff. Below is John’s letter of endorsement.

August 22, 2014

I am enthusiastically and unconditionally endorsing Chuck Atkins to be the next Sheriff of Clark County.

Since the primary election, I have been contacted by a tremendous number of people throughout the community and my supporters, wanting to know who I think they should vote for in the coming general election.

I believe that our current Sheriff, Garry Lucas, summed it up very well when an enforcement sergeant ran against him in 2002.  He stated that “An enforcement sergeant does not have the administrative experience necessary to run this department.”

Sgt. Shane Gardner, an enforcement sergeant, is to be respected for his ambition, but he is simply not ready, nor is he qualified to be the Sheriff at this point in his career.

It would be analogous to taking a floor supervisor of a corporation with a 100 million dollar budget and making him the CEO.  I can’t believe that anyone would suggest, or even think, that would be a smart decision.

By his own admission at the Columbian editorial board forum, Shane stated that he knows “nothing” about the jail or support branches of the department. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, since that comprises more than two-thirds of the entire department.

Shane has to have law enforcement administrative/executive experience, which he does not have at this time.

My concern is two-fold. The employees of the Sheriff’s Office deserve to have competent leadership and the community needs an experienced law enforcement professional to lead and guide the department in the coming years and someone that has the skills to deal with a myriad of challenges.

I have known Chuck since he started his career with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office 37 years ago, and I can assure you, everything Shane lacks, Chuck has, and much more.

So, without reservation, Chuck Atkins is simply the logical choice and the absolute best choice to be our next Sheriff and I would encourage everyone to vote for him.

John Graser

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