Mary Malicki, a respected long-term employee of the sheriff’s office, endorses Chuck Atkins

October 14, 2014

“I am writing to offer my personal endorsement to Chuck Atkins, whom I consider to be a mentor and role model, and whom I have known and worked with for 24 years. I can attest to the fact that Chuck will put the good of the community and the organization before special interests. He will be firm, fair, ethical and consistent, and he won’t back down from the hard decisions.

I am the Safety & Health Coordinator for the Sheriff’s Office and have been a part of the Sheriff’s Support Guild since 1997, the last six as President of the Guild. I am not writing on behalf of the Guild membership; I say this to underscore and illustrate the closeness with which I have to work with the Sheriff’s Administration. I trust Chuck to be forthright and collaborative, putting the citizens and the services we provide first, while maintaining a healthy and positive workplace for our staff.

I read comments and letters from people who suggest that a Sheriff’s Office employee’s opinion doesn’t count. Not true, as I’m also a resident of this county, pay taxes and live in the sheriff’s jurisdiction. Chuck Atkins will bring integrity, trustworthiness, experience and fortitude to this office. He will set policy that puts the community first and protects my family as this county transitions through the early decades of the 21st century. Chuck meets all these standards and more. I look forward to his unbiased leadership which is above reproach. My vote is for Chuck.”

Mary Malicki

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