Sheriff candidates meet with Editorial Board

June 19, 2014

Sheriff candidate Shane Gardner has gone on the record that he does not think the Sheriff’s Office should be arresting street-level drug dealers. I couldn’t disagree more with his position.

During the candidates meeting with the Columbian¬†editorial board, Shane Gardner stated, “I don’t think our focus should be on arresting street-level dealers.” He went on to say, “If we focus on the street-level dealers, we’re going to fill our jail with more addicts and those are people who need help. Those aren’t people that need incarceration.”

My position is quite different from Shane Gardner’s. I think drug dealers are exactly the people we need to be incarcerating. Street-level drug dealers are the population most responsible for robberies, residential burglaries, mail theft, fraud, and retail theft.¬†

My message to drug dealers is this. If you deal drugs in this community, and my deputies catch you, you are going to jail. You are encouraged to seek treatment for any addiction you may have, but make no mistake, you will be held accountable for your crime.

Watch the video below:

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