Undersheriff Joe Dunegan endorses Chuck Atkins for Clark County Sheriff

October 10, 2014

The second highest ranking member of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, Undersheriff Joe Dunegan, has endorsed Chuck Atkins as our next Clark County Sheriff. As undersheriff, Joe Dunegan reports directly to the sheriff and oversees all operations of the sheriff’s office. His endorsement, along with those of numerous chiefs, commanders, sergeants, and line staff, are a resounding vote of confidence in Chuck Atkins as the most qualified candidate for Clark County Sheriff.

Here is Undersheriff Dunegan’s letter.

“It is my privilege to personally endorse your candidacy to be the next Sheriff of Clark County. I have proudly served this community for more than 37 years as a member of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. For the last 10 years Sheriff Lucas has entrusted me with the responsibility to serve as his Undersheriff. In this position I am responsible for all aspects of the agency and have served as Acting Sheriff when needed. It is my opinion that this last decade of experience has left me with a clear understanding of what qualities a person must have in order to be prepared to serve our community as their next Sheriff.

First and foremost our next Sheriff needs to have the community’s best interest at heart. Combined with that heart the individual needs to have a broad background of experience and leadership that includes executive management. This type of background enables the elected official to understand the complexities of running an agency of this size. And finally, the next Sheriff of Clark County must have a unique ability to be a strong, decisive community leader that has the knowledge and ability to make very difficult and crucial decisions all the while maintaining a humility that acknowledges they need the support and assistance of their community in order to be successful. These are all personal and professional attributes that I have seen in you over our more than 3 decades serving together.

Although I am retiring at the end of this year I have a vested interest in leaving this office in the best possible hands. As a life-long citizen of our community, I want to feel confident that our next Sheriff is the best person for the job. I truly believe that you will be an outstanding Sheriff.”

Joe Dunegan

*Titles used for identification purposes only. All statements are made as a private citizen and not as a public employee.

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